Frequently asked questions

What is included in Merry Main Street?

Merry Main Street includes all the holiday activities that occur in downtown Stillwater, the four weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It includes, downtown Stillwater, Block 34, and the Community Center.

Who is responsible for putting on all the events for Merry Main Street?

It is a collaboration of the City of Stillwater, Visit Stillwater, Stillwater Chamber of Commerce, Prarie Arts Center, and the Stillwater Community Center. City Councilor Alane Zannotti and Greige Goods owner Shannon Williams, are the ones who helped form this collaboration.

How do I find out the details of Merry Main Street?

Click on the Calendar tab of this website for event listings, dates, and times. It will also indicate if there is a price for a specific activity. Merry Main Street also has a Facebook and Instagram account with information on the event.

What will the geodesic domes (igloos) be used for?

There will be five geodesic domes (igloos) located on Block 34. Four of them will be used by different retail vendors each week. The fifth dome will be a hospitality dome. Furniture Showcase will be furnishing the dome during the weekend for furniture/accessories to be sold. Friday and Saturday nights from 5 to 9 pm, the dome becomes a place for events. See calendar for more details about the events and how to reserve a spot to participate.