What is a geodesic dome and why is Merry Main Street using them?

A geodesic dome is a hemispherical structure composed of thin reinforced metal wrapped with a heavy plastic shell and finished out with wood flooring to contain the inner working elements.

Merry Main Street is a nonprofit benefiting the citizens of Stillwater, Oklahoma, and

surrounding communities. Merry Main Street was founded by Alane Zannotti and Shannon

Williams in 2019.

The domes will be tested to withstand 20 inches of snow, 80 mph winds and will cover Stillwater fire codes.

Merry Main Street has chosen to use these shells for the upcoming event this winter. The domes will be used for one central-located hospitality center accompanied by four smaller geodesic domes for each of the shops that will be at Merry Main Street each weekend.

Each of the geodesic domes will be constructed on Nov. 11, which is well in advance of

operations to ensure safety and comfortability during customer’s holiday shopping.

The geodesic domes will be purchased by the city of Stillwater. This investment is great news for the citizens of Stillwater. Events throughout the year, such as the arts festival, can eliminate the burden of composing a “plan b” in case of inclement weather.

The city will purchase four 20-foot domes and one 30-foot dome. The domes will fit 10-15

people and 20-25 people respectively. The domes capacity will be regularly checked by a

security team throughout the event’s duration.

“The fire marshal is ensuring that the type of heating and lighting that [Merry Main Street] is

going to use is up to code,” said Alane Zannotti, founder of Merry Main Street.

The geodesic domes have been used at many other events across the nation. Through the test of time, no known major issues have been found while using the domes to shield the public from the elements of Mother Nature.

Written by Mitchell McKie.

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